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   1. Industrial materials 

        <Non woven fabric for two side tape>                       <CD Case>



         <Sound-proof material        <Packing material & Ribon            <Non woven fabric

              for the automobil>                       for the flower>                     for speaker>

          Non woven fabric for the automobile

              - Sound-proof material

              - Liner for the inner ceiling

          For the use of wire
              - Semi-conductive swellable tape 

              - Non-conductive swellable tape 

          Subsidiary materials for electric products
              - Sound-proof material

              - Cellular phone

              - PC 

           Non woven fabric for tape
              - Kinds of insulating tape

              - Two-sided tape 

          Non woven fabric for packing materials
              - For packing flowers

              - For ribbons

           For high-frequency wave sealing

              - For CD case

          For cleaning : Viscos Rayon 100%

   2. Clothes


              - For non-adhesive

              - For adhesive interlining)

   3. Cosmetics


         <Facial mask sheet &            <High grade cosmetic          <For nose pore strip>
                      Eye zone>                              gauze> 

           Facial mask sheet

           Eye zone

           High grade cosmetic gauze 

           For nose pore strip

           Cleaning tissue

   4. Medical use 


              <Close adhesive fabric>                              <Sanitary mask>  

            Non woven fabric for PAS 

            Close adhesive fabric

            For various kinds of sanitary for gauze


   5. Engineering works 

            Non woven fabric for lawn germination (golf course/gardening works)

   6. Filter



            Filter for the process of broken and curved

            Filter for cutting oils

            Water purifier

            For soft water equipment filter

            For air-conditioner evaporative fabric

    7. Cleaner


                      <Lens Cleaner>                              <Shoe shine Cleaner>

          Lens & LCD moniter Cleaner

           Shoe shine Cleaner

     8. Packing


                  <Lens Packing>                                 <Perfumer Packing>

            Lens Packing

           Perfumer Packing

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